texting games chat games

texting games chat games

Chat games and Texting games

Best news for our chatters, that chat games and texting games are available and addition in Pakistani-chat for our respected and valued users of our web chat site. especially for those people who are interested in playing games in chat room, now they dont need to searching for chat games and texting games, the chat games are available on online chat room is open all the time for the users for games lovers, the world who looking and love to meet with new people on games chat the game is on.

We added and made available games in the chat games chat room, people will enjoy and love to be part of our chat games with other online users they can play games via connect with strangers on our games community. it is growing chat games community in the chat world its full of awesome users and people in online chat games room. now stay connected with world thousand online strangers people via playing games its very best way to finds people for chatting and playing games via our web chat clients. thousand of strangers users are visiting our games chat room in daily base from different part of the world for looking to stay connected with people via playing games and texting games, its very awesome place to finds many ways to make your’s life entertain by playing games and meet new people in texting games it is a brilliant chat avenue a waits you to connect with people online to chat with strangers in pakistani chat rooms.

texting games chat games

#1 Cricket Chat games is available

yes now people can play cricket games in our chat games and texting games chatting room. welcome to cricket chat games zone where you can play cricket games with the chatters of chatroom users.

let me tell you all the commands how to play cricket games on chatroom with people.

  • Possible batting options are Defence, Loft and Push.
  • Possible Bowling options are the Fulltoss, Bouncer and Yorker.

Commands of playing cricket game first you have to starts it with using below commands.

  • !cricket : starts a cricket game with specified wickets, max 10 if nothing is mentioned it defualty considered  5 wickets game.
  • !swap : in an ongoing game, it replaces one player to 2nd player.
  • !stopcricket : this command stop the currently running game.
  • !helpcricket : this command will show you list of all important commands.
  • !combo : this command will displays the chances of getting out on each combo.

Note: A bowler must be bowl first by noticing of the cricket game bot. then the only batsman can bat by again noticing the bot. when the 2 teams will toss for playing cricket winner of toss team will decide to play bat first or bowl first. after game start.

Batsman team follow these all commands for playing batting

note: nickname of playing cricket game you have to message/notice that bot for playing cricket by follow commands

  • /notice cricketbot !defence – for defence the yorker bowl.
  • /notice cricketbot !push – for push the bowl to the bounder.
  • /notice cricketbot !loft – for playing short for sixer and four run or bounder.

these all commands are batsman commands, which batsman can apply for playing games by following above commands.

Bowler team follow these all commands for playing bowling

note: nickname of playing cricket game you have to message/notice that bot for playing cricket by follow commands

  • /notice cricketbot !yorker – for yorker batsman for take wicket.
  • /notice cricketbot !bouncer – for bouncer the batsman to make it confuse.
  • /notice cricketbot !fulltoss – for make confuse batsman when he/she playing very well.

these all commands for bowler teams. which bowler can apply for playing bowling against batting team by following above commands.

#2 texting game are: TRIVIA QUIZ

yes now we have trivia quiz game for those people who love to play trivia quiz game with chatting so they dont need to finding and searching trivia chat room, because the user came to right place for playing trivia game, its very easy and most running and popular chat games in chat w0rld, many educated and students take interest on it for playing texting games.

you have to follow only few commands for playing trivia quiz game.

  • !start – this command is to starts the game for playing trivia quiz game when its off.
  • !hint – this command for get hint of question to give answer.
  • !skip – this command for skip the question if you dont know answer.

these all commands for quiz player who love to play trivia quiz chat games player have to follow this all commands to know about how to play trivia quiz texting game and know the commands for playing well trivia game.

#3 Chat games are: UNO CARDS GAME

yes people are so happy to see uno game are available on pakistanichat room the best web chat site for playing game uno cards to people of world, many people are love to play uno game online with strangers random people, we glad to see people love and like this addition of game on our web chat site. so we wish to all game lovers enjoy your’s stay on Game Zone.

How to play uno game:

this is game is alots of fun called UNO CARDS game. if you dont know how to play uno cards game then learn from below commands. which are clearly written by guider.

**Need HELP? these all unocmds for guideline to CHATROOM UNO Players**

  • Uno Commands: !uno – to start the game
  • Uno Commands: !stop – to stop the game
  • Uno Commands: !remove [nick] – removes a player from the player list
  • Uno Commands: !unowon [nick] – how many reward points you have already made
  • Uno Commands: !unocmds – list the uno-commands (the convincing here 😉
  • Uno Stats: !unotop10 !unotop3last !unofast !unohigh !unorecords
  • Uno Card Commands: jo/join – for join the game
  • Uno Card Commands: pl/play – for play a card
  • Uno Card Commands: dr/draw – for draw a card
  • Uno Card Commands: pa/pass – for passing turn
  • Uno Card Commands: co/color – Choose the color
  • Uno Chan Commands: ca/cards – what cards you have just
  • Uno Chan Commands: cd/card – which card is on top
  • Uno Chan Commands: tu/turn – who is currently playing
  • Uno Chan Commands: od/order – order of the players
  • Uno Chan Commands: ct/count – Counting of cards each player have
  • Uno Chan Commands: st/stats – how many cards players have
  • Uno Chan Commands: ti/time – how long is already played

And now play a lot of fun!!

If you still have questions should contact #UNO @ Pakistanichat

Our respected users if you guys know many other online games and want to add those games on our web chat site then provide us the name of games and co operate with us to adding new additions of games in games zone list, we will glad to add new games on requested by our beloved and respected users. so we are waiting for suggestion for new games and in shaa Allah very soon we will update new games on our web chat called Game zone. because Game on hay.

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