Islamabad chat room

Islamabad chat room

Islamabad chat room free online chatting without registration

welcome to the chat site of islamabad chat room the best web chatting site for islamabadi girls and boys, if you are seraching the best and decent chat place for online chatting then you are in right place for meet new people for friendship from islamabad city, yes in islamabad chatsite you can finds many online girls and boys for friendship to meet up for best get to gather chatting on internet relay chat..

Islamabad main lobby chat

yes user’s can easily chat on main lobby chat lounge for online chatting with strangers in public chatroom no required to registration or signup to get access of public chat with random strangers boys and girls from islamabad, are you interested and looking for local people of islamabad for online chat by using mobile phone then you have come in right place which is totally designed for mobile clients for join islamabad mobile chat room via using mobile devices and internet data connection its work on all mobile internet packages, no need to subcribe any special package for it as like 2G, 3g, 4g, LTD or any other mobile internet data connection net packages. its very easy and fastest islamabad chatting site.


Islamabad Private chatroom for private messaging.

yes this is very easy and fastest islamabadchat site where people can chat on main lounge chat and also can private chat with strangers, because now a days people are very shy and they want to chat online with people in private chat room called private messaging, we always think about User friendly feactures where they feel comfortable doing chatting on private or group with people of islamabad, yes people can off their pm for no get private messages by every random chatters of islamabad chatroom, so they can lock their pm by typing /offpm or click on chat room options in layout bar of chatroom where people typing and sending text to the chatroom users. after pm locked they can allow their friends by typing /accept nickname of that person and strangers for pm access. this options is especially for girls chatters, because they get many message from random users on join chatting.

Islamabad dating site

now the days youth of islamabad pakistan they are attract to the dating things its very foolish and destroying stuff to disturb and destroy the happines of the life so our islamabad chat site is not supporting dating chat with our chatters, so we are not offering islamabad dating chat room for our youth of pakistan boys and girls if you guys know about your own islamic culture then avoid from these kind of things/stuff these dating sites will disturb and destroy your’s life, yes if you guys want to spend a good qaulity time with strangers by chatting then never ever share your reality personality and any other thing which make you un secure and unsafe using chat room islamabad

Connect with online local citizen of islamabad

if you are looking for local citizen chatters of islamabad then you are in right place which is full with fun and entertain by islamabadi girls and boys in islamabad chatting room, no required any registration or signup to get in chat room for islamabad. its very easy to finds online girls and boys of islamabad univerities and colleges in islamabad online chat room

Friends and family chat site

yes this is best chat room in islamabad with family environment like the home, we have online users from islamabad girls and boys, alhamdolillah all of the chatters are very educated and decent in our chat room islamabad we feel proud to get friendly and family type people in our chatting site. its very joy ful time spending with them to know about each other life style and sharing emotions expression and problems of our life to make our own self relax by sharing with friends and family people in our islamabad chat room

Chat rules of Pak chat services.

  • Be kind and polite with users
  • Respect the all strangers users who online in chat room.
  • including private chat or main public chat users
  • read carefully notice from moderation team and follow the all rules and guidelines from security services.
  • No harrassing other chatters especially girls for sexism, racism, homephobia, or other inpropriate chat based of hate.
  • Do not spam, links, of other website, chat apps, or any other 3rd party url.
  • Do not use bad words and language with chatters, adult chatting or pictures are not allowed in main chat lobby, sexually contents will be removed and result will be banned for that user.
  • Do not disrespect any person nation or religious other wise result will be peremently banned.
  • No adveritisng or promoting any adult 18+ pronogharpy links or webiste.
  • Do not try to flirt and sexual thing with girls and boys.
  • Do not talk with strangers on video calls and voice chat, cause video can be easily recored and used against you.
  • Do not blackmail or harrasment the public innocent chatters especially girls.
  • Do not share your’s personal information with anyone strangers on chatroom, otherwise spammer and blackmailer will phish your infromation on internet.
  • Do not use your real picture on any profile of chatroom, it can be easily saved on hosting and google search engine by webchat record.
  • Do not harras users in private chat or main chat lobby of chat room.
  • Do not send bad message on join to the users of chatroom,
  • If  any user feeling unsecured and unsafe by anyone on private message(pm) then immediately inform and contact with room admin moderator or security stuff about that person.

Please keep on your mind about bad people and bad sexual 18+ chatters *Report* about them to the room moderators or security team for neat and clean chat environment.


Benefits of using our online chat rooms & Pakistani talk with strangers

  • Pakistanichat is the fastest and safest chat room to meet and chat with random anonymous people, its the best web chatting site on internet relay chat.
  • Send chat text and messages to the people of any kind messages voice, audio, mp3, pictures and videos animated gifs (images) and emoticons wink, we know the value of emoji can describe your feelings to express to your emotions and feelings with online chat users, connect with thousands online singles girls and boys right now completely free chatting with our random text chat portal, starts chat with random people online on internet relay chat.
  • Easier connect to with educated people: when all world come unite to gather and they seem so happy to gather that way too, if you feel alone in the real life world situation of sadness then there are hardly any people who understand your’s feelings you may be frustrated inside no one know and feel that and you want to share your sadness and happines with someone then our chatroom giving opportunities to finds your chat mate for sharing your’s emoticons and feelings for get caring from someone by people that belongs to chat forum and provides you a way to access to hundreds online people.
  • A platform for those people who fly shyness and loud people: our web chat site allows otherwise shy people to voie their opinions by texting and messaging on daily based dislike and like daily life situations, where this kind loud people get the platform for sharing their feelings and expression to everybody because everyone have right and equal opportunity to express themself to the world.
  • Our Free online Pakistani chat community providing the best chat services to everyone for staying their valueable time in clean and neat chat place, where they can chat and discuss about every kind of topics what is on their minds on daily bases real life experience.
  • Meet with people of the world from all genders, ages and regions: in our chat room you will meet new people young, adults, teens, kids, girls, boys, females, males, olders, everyone every age and category people will you finds here for talk to strangers online, you can easily chat on free video chat with strangers in private chatroom, one by one and cam to cam chat.
  • Free mobile chat: is mobile friendly websites its designed for mobile phone all devices, people easily can get access to our web chat site by using any devices and browser including Smartphone Android, Iphone, Tablets, and you can also can access from MaC, its totally responsive mobile wap chat.
  • No Robots and only Real people: we are trying our best to protect and keep away robots from our chat site and make sure that you will always connect with real people for chat online in Omegle Random chat rooms alternative and best web chat site for Random chat with strangers for Chat Roulette Alternative of Pakistani chat avenue.
  • Online Users quantity: yes in daily base visitors our website generate and get new traffic of upcoming people, increasing traffic of daily chatters in our web chatting site, user’s will always meet new people on pakistani chat rooms, no matter how many time you spend in our chatsite, but if you are looking for boyfriend and girl friend online to chat with then alot of chatters want to talk with strangers to make new friends, lets enter chatroom starts talking, gossips, chatter, speak, debate, discuss and engage in conversations, we wish you will finds a best people for get amazing personalities for make good memories for chat life time.
  • Yes international people will connected online from globle of world,  from 220+ countries and nations, especially users come, USA, UAE, UK, AUSTRALIA, CHINA, RUSSIA, INDIA, PAKISTAN, BANGLADESH, CANADA, and much more countries where pakistani people live.

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